App Design

Free Lottery

Lotty purple number screen Lotty home screen Lotty green number screen Lotty vault screen Lotty orange number screen


The brief was simple, create a colourful and stylish app that appeals to a younger audience. Distinguish each jackpot by making use of different bright colours. The app should make it easy for users to select a jackpot, pick numbers and view new or expired tickets.

Lotty home screen
Lotty home screen purple section
Lotty home screen orange section
Lotty home screen green section


The whole app uses a modern sans-serif font called Proxima nova. It's modern appearance and clean lines compliment the apps clean aesthetic.

Proxima Nova


Choosing Numbers

The numbers are displayed in an easy to use grid format, the coloured circles give clear indication of what numbers have been chosen. To make the page more accessible to visually impaired users (in respect to colour), the name of the jackpot is displayed in the top right.

Lotty purple number screen
Lotty purple number screen snippet
Lotty orange number screen snippet
Lotty green number screen snippet

User Friendly

Numbers the user has chosen are automatically displayed at the top of the viewport. This makes it easy to review your selected numbers.

Lotty purple number screen top
Lotty green number screen top
Lotty orange number screen top
Lotty purple number screen top
Lotty green number screen top
Lotty orange number screen top

New and Old

An issue we faced early on was making it clear which tickets had expired, and which tickets were for upcoming draws. We opted to use a more subtle shade of each jackpots color to signify expiration.Colour blind users will also be able to see the distinction between tickets by reading the heading 'Previous Draws'.

Lotty vault screen
Lotty expired vault screen