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Create a site that is vibrant and conveys our energy as a business to our customers. Our low prices should be the main selling point.

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One main purple colour is used the most throughout the site. Two secondary colours to be used interchangeably are a bright pink and blue.





The site uses a large imposing font called Eina. Not only is it modern, it also provides contrast to the less imposing Roboto font used in paragraph text.



Design Overview

The client expressed an interest in using imagery and icons throughout the site. The majority of text and information is therefore accompanied by either an image or icon.

Cybrancee homepage review section
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Cybrancee pricing page
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Cybrancee is a full featured website hosting provider. That's why it's important that their new site has all their main features listed.

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All artwork has an illustration style, with a diverse range of ethnicities. This better represents Cybrancee's mixture of customers from all around the world.

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The main purpose of the site is to attract and convert new customers. That's why we've included signup buttons and pricing details all throughout the site.

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Consistent iconography is used throughout the site. Icons are simple and intuitively show what their meaning is.

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Mobile Optimised

Every website today should look just as good on mobile as on desktop. We always make our websites with this in mind.

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