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Blobber homepage middle
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The client expressed the need for a new fun yet professional site. The goal was to increase enquiries and give visitors a brief glimpse of what Blobber is about.

Blobber homepage top


A subtle colour choice was opted for. As it provided the appearence of professionalism and balance.




A serif font called 'Lora' was used. Serif fonts convey a feeling of importance and often used by businesses with a lot of stature. This helped us provide the professional appearene our client was after.



Design Overview

As you can see there is contrast between light and dark areas of the page. Design imagery is showcased on the homepage in desktop and mobile format, mobile responsive sites are a big appeal and something Blobber wanted to tell its clients.

Boosting Enquiries

This being the main goal of the site, provide an easy way for customers to submit requirements and get in touch. It was important the form wasn't too long and tedious to fill in, in order to stop visitors from being put off.


All artwork used is bright, colourful and appealing. Within the artwork itself is text showcasing the services 'Blobber' offers.

Mobile Responsive

Every effective website should work perfectly on mobile, afterall 50% of global web traffic comes from mobile.


With the site making use of several icons, it was important that each icon was unique in meaning and consistent in style.


All photography used gives an impression of professionalism and clean spaces. This was important to our client as they wanted their customers to know they're a reliable business to work with.